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Crane Tree Service

Ensuring safe and efficient crane tree service

At A&A Arbor Tree Service, we are skilled at tree pruning and removal via the use of cranes. This equipment enhances the speed, ease and safety of the tree removal and pruning process and can reduce the amount you have to pay when the job is done.

The benefits of using a crane tree service

We can remove trees too dangerous to remove with traditional roping
We can reach trees in areas that would be difficult to navigate normally
The potential risk is reduced as the tree can be lifted and moved away
Bulkier equipment can be easily moved to areas that are difficult to access

Labour costs are reduced, saving you both time and money

We can remove multiple trees in one go, also reducing your costs

We can lift fallen trees off structures, regardless of their size or position
We can reach into your backyard from the street, opening up new options

Crane tree service

A&A Arbor Tree Service owns a Kato 13T City Crane, and regularly uses larger cranes of up to 130 tonnes.

Our crane tree service can relieve the struggle of removing a tree.

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