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Arbor tree emergency

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Many severe weather events affect Sydney each year, all of which risk causing damage to trees and nearby properties. This damage is often either a result of heavy winds or rain. However, there are other reasons why branches and trees can fail, including:
Heat-related stress
Saturated soils/loose ground
Cavities or split branch unions
Prior incorrect lopping of trees

Emergency support

With our 24/7 Arbor Tree Emergency support, we can take the stress out of the clean-up process by removing and securing any trees or debris onsite and assisting you with advice on making a claim through your home and contents insurance.

In all my experience I have not come across a more professional, helpful and efficient tree service than A&A Arbor.

We have had a lot of tree dramas the latest being in March 2020 when much of Sydney was decimated. Our lot comprised of one huge Leyland cypress that lay across over about 20 metres of the back of the block and one huge split Turpentine at the front. A friend strongly recommended I contact A&A Arbor for a quote.

Glen turned up with a crane, very soft tyre bobcat like machine that left not a mark on the turf, a chipper and about 10 men. They left the place better than it was before the storm even doing a tidy up of other damaged trees and raking the entire ¼ acre of turf area after finishing. I would recommend A&A Arbor to anyone with tree troubles

Brian – Wahroonga

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